Urban Vulnerability Indicators - ETC CCA/SIA Joint Technical Paper 1/2012

07 Jan 2013

Tiberiu Ichim

Building on the EEA 2012 report on urban adaptation to climate change, this Technical Paper proposes a system of urban vulnerability indicators to assess where Europe an cities stand in terms of vulnerability and adaptation, and where certain problems cluster.The proposed indicator set can serve different stakeholders that are involved in a multi-level approach towards urban adaptation, including the European and national level as well as the local and regional level.

Prepared by: Rob Swart, Jaume Fons, Willemien Geertsema, Bert van Hove, Mirko Gregor, Miroslav Havranek, Cor Jacobs, Aleksandra Kazmierczak, Kerstin Krellenberg, Christian Kuhlicke, and Lasse Peltonen.

Published by: ETC/CCA, Bologna, IT, December 2012.