Support to transport and environment assessments. Adaptation to Climate Change in the Transport Sector - ETC/CCA Technical Paper 03/2013

03 Dec 2013

Tiberiu Ichim

This Technical Paper maps current actions in EEA countries for adapting the transport system to climate change and identifies opportunities for further action at the European level in the next years. Results are based on a review of existing research and policy initiatives and on an analysis of a questionnaire sent to member countries as well as of the outcomes of an EEA experts' workshop.

Prepared by: Ángel Aparicio (UPM, Task leader), Markus Leitner (EAA), Ken Mylne (MO), Erika Palin (MO), Natalia Sobrino (UPM).

Published by: ETC/CCA, Bologna, IT, December 2013.