What makes flood events significant for the European policies? An analysis of threshold-based criteria

18 Dec 2013

Tiberiu Ichim


This Technical Paper analyses the flood events in Europe (the 33 member countries and 6 cooperating countries of the European Environmental Agency) since 2000 and examines how many of them would satisfy the various threshold criteria applied or proposed by European policies and literature.

Author: Jaroslav Mysiak (Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change - CMCC).

Co-authors: Fabio Farinosi (CMCC), Wouter Vanneuville (EEA)

Reviewers: Mikko Huokuna (Finnish Environment Institute SYKE), Volker Meyer (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ)

Published by: ETC/CCA, Bologna, IT, December 2013

See also previous EEA–JRC–ETC/CCA Joint Technical Paper: Towards a potential European flood impact database.