ETC/CME reports

(including products from the ETC/CME predecessors, ETC/ACM 2011-2018 and ETC/ACC 2002-2010)

Publication date Title Download
14 Oct 2020 ETC/CME Report 1/2020: Approximated EU greenhouse gas inventory: proxy GHG emission estimates for 2019.
09 Jun 2020 ETC/CME Report 9/2019: Fuel quality monitoring in the EU in 2018
16 Dec 2019 Renewable energy in Europe 2019 - Recent growth and knock-on effects
05 Dec 2019 ETC/CME Report 3/2019: Trends and projections in the EU ETS in 2019
19 Nov 2019 ETC/CME Report 7/2019: Quality assurance and quality control procedure for national and Union GHG projections 2019
19 Nov 2019 ETC/CME Report 6/2019: Analysis of Member States’ 2019 GHG projections
19 Nov 2019 ETC/CME report 5/2019: Overview of reported national policies and measures on climate change mitigation in Europe in 2019
13 May 2019 ETC/CME Report 2/2019: Impacts of Renewable Energy on Air Pollutant Emissions
01 Apr 2019 ETC/CME Report 1/2019: Estimate of 2005-2012 emissions for stationary installations to reflect the current scope (2013 - 2020) of the EU ETS
31 Jan 2019 ETC/ACM Report 17/2018: Policies and Measures on Renewable Heating and Cooling in Europe
26 Nov 2018 ETC/ACM Report 12/2018: Overview of Low-Carbon Development Strategies in European Countries
30 Oct 2018 ETC/ACM Report 11/2018: Emission Trends under the Effort Sharing Legislation
03 Sep 2018 ETC/ACM Report 5/2018: Integrating Climate and Energy Projections in Practice
16 Apr 2018 ETC/ACM 2018/2 Ex post evaluation and policy implementation in the building sector
15 Mar 2018 ETC/ACM Report 13/2017: Analysis of Drivers of Historic and Future ESD Emission Trends
18 Dec 2017 ETC/ACM Report 8/2017: Assessment of Member States’ 2017 GHG Projections
18 Dec 2017 ETC/ACM Report 9/2017: Quality Assurance and Quality Control Procedure for National and Union GHG Projections
20 Nov 2017 ETC/ACM Report 11/2017: Estimate of 2005 - 2012 Emissions for Stationary Installations to Reflect the Current Scope (2013 - 2020) of the EU ETS
24 May 2017 ETC/ACM Report 2/2017: Estimate of Historical Emissions for Stationary Installations to Reflect the Current Scope of the EU ETS (2013-2020)
17 Jan 2017 ETC/ACM Report 8/2016: Benchmark of the EEA Database on Climate Mitigation Policies and Measures
10 Jan 2017 ETC/ACM Report 9/2016: Contribution of the Information Reported under the MMR to the Evaluation of National PaMs
09 May 2016 ETC/ACM Report 1/2016: Estimate of historical emissions for stationary installations to reflect the current scope of the EU ETS (2013-2020)
15 Feb 2016 ETC/ACM Report 11/2015: Quality Assurance and Quality Control Procedure for National and Union GHG projections 2015
11 Feb 2016 ETC/ACM Report 10/2015: Assessment of Member States’ GHG projections 2015
17 Dec 2015 ETC/ACM Report 7/2015: Joint Actions for Air Quality and Climate Mitigation in Europe
12 Oct 2015 ETC/ACM Report 19/2013: Consistency of Climate and Energy Projections for 2020
09 Mar 2015 ETC/ACM Report 7/2014: Existing data and knowledge gaps about air-climate inter-linkages and way forwards for improvement
07 Jan 2013 ETC/ACM Report 3/2012: Analysis of co-benefits of air pollution, noise and climate change policies on a local scale
28 Mar 2012 ETC/ACM Report 20/2011: Cobenefits of Climate and Air Pollution Regulations
05 Mar 2012 ETC/ACM Report 16/2011: Nowcasting Greenhouse Gases Emissions using Observational In-situ and Satellite Information - Scoping paper
07 Feb 2012 ETC/ACM Report 19/2011: Assessment of the Member States’ Policies and Measures Submitted under the EU Monitoring Mechanism in 2011
07 Feb 2012 ETC/ACM Report 2/2011: Assessment of the Member States’ projections submitted under the EU Monitoring Mechanism in 2011
22 Dec 2011 ETC/ACM Report 13/2011: GMES Services and Emission Inventories workshop October 2011
28 Feb 2011 Projection of CO2 emissions from road transport ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2010/21
28 Feb 2011 Integration of electricity from renewable energy sources into European electricity grids ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2010/18
28 Feb 2011 Small-scale hydropower: A methodology to estimate Europe’s environmentally compatible potential ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2010/17
09 Sep 2010 Approximated EU GHG inventory for the year 2009 ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2010/4
03 Jun 2010 Cap adjustments in the EU-ETS according to Article 9a of the EU-ETS Directive ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2010/2
20 May 2010 Small-scale hydropower: how to reconcile electricity generation and environmental protection goals? ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2009/13
27 Nov 2009 Environmental impacts and impact on the electricity market of a large scale introduction of electric cars in Europe - Critical Review of Literature ETC/ACC TEchnical Paper 2009/4
02 Nov 2009 Wind-energy potential in Europe 2020-2030 ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2008/6
28 Aug 2009 Life Cycle Analysis of GHG and Air Pollutant Emissions from Renewable and Conventional Electricity, Heating, and Transport Fuel Options in the EU until 2030 ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2009/18
12 Mar 2009 Bioenergy Life-Cycle Analysis: Beyond Biofuels ETC/ACC Techncial Paper 2008/7
22 Jan 2009 Approximated EU GHG inventory for the year 2007 ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2008/14
15 Jan 2009 A methodology to quantify the environmentally compatible potentials of selected renewable energy technologies ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2008/16
25 Nov 2008 Effect of biodiesel and bioethanol on exhaust emissions ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2008/5
22 Feb 2008 Analysis of European greenhouse gas inventories in the aviation sector ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2007/6
17 Dec 2007 The EU Emissions Trading Scheme in numbers ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2007/2
07 Nov 2007 Comparison of Verified CO2 Emissions under the EU Emission Trading Scheme with National Greenhouse Gas Inventories for the Year 2005 ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2007/3
05 Apr 2007 Good practice guidance for spatial emissions mapping ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2006/8
22 Jan 2007 Greenhouse gas emissions from aviation ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2006/3
13 Sep 2004 Gap-filling methodologies for the 2004 ETC-ACC CLRTAP and GHG (CRF) air emissions spreadsheet ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2004/3
30 Jan 2004 Data availability for activities covered by the EU emissions trading scheme ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2004/6
15 Dec 2003 Reporting on uncertainties in ETC/ACC reports - A practical proposal ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2003/7
29 Nov 2003 Proposal for air pollution and climate change scenarios for the SoEOR2005 report ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2003/4
01 Oct 2003 ETC/ACC framework for agricultural base-line scenario development in the context of integrated assessment for air pollution and climate change ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2003/3
30 Jun 2003 ETC/CCA Report 2003/10: Comparison of CO2 emission factors for fuels used in greenhous gas inventories and consequences for monitoring and reporting under the EC emissions trading scheme
10 Dec 2002 Proposed set of Climate Change State and Impact Indicators in Europe - ETC/ACC Technical Report, Final Version.