ETC/CME Report 10/2021: Matching of power plants by fuel

21 Dec 2021

Tom Dauwe

The aim of this paper is to develop a dataset identifying power plants in Europe and their main fuel type from power plants that are reported under activity code 20 together with other combustion installations. Since ETS data is one of the first official data sources to become available in the year, this methodology will help provide an early indication of changes in fuel composition in the European power sector.

Supplemental information can be found here: ETC/CME Dataset 1/2021: Supplemental information to ETC/CM Report 10/2021 — Eionet Portal (

Prepared by: Hauke Hermann (Öko-Institut), Sabine Gores (Öko-Institut), Christian Nissen (Öko-Institut)

Published by: ETC/CME, December 2021, 18 pp.

Publication number: Eionet report - ETC/CME 10/2021