ETC/CME Report 3/2021: Approximated EU greenhouse gas inventory. Proxy GHG emission estimates for 2020.

29 Nov 2021

Tom Dauwe

The approximated inventory is providing greenhouse gas emission estimates for year Y-1. The report provides GHG emissions estimates including international aviation for the EU27, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland for the year 2020, also indicating the developments from 2019. In 2021 only one member state didn’t submit its approximated GHG inventory, however, all the others have done so. The report reflects on the expected trends of the greenhouse gas emissions, based on the reported data. Figures are presented both on the total emissions, as well as on the sectoral level.

Prepared by: Markéta Klusáčková (Czech Hydrometeorological Institute), Risto Saarikivi (Czech Hydrometeorological Institute)

Published by: ETC/CME, November 2021, 96 pp.

Publication number: Eionet report - ETC/CME 3/2021