ETC/CME Report 6/2020: Cross-border regional cooperation for deployment of renewable energy sources

18 Dec 2020

Tom Dauwe

Given the benefits of regional cooperation and the emphasis put on it within the 2030 climate and energy framework and the European Green Deal, this report aims to contribute to improved cross-border cooperation by sharing interesting ‘lessons learnt’ from Member States that have experience with joint support schemes or joint projects or have assessed the possibility of initiating such projects.

A case study approach is used to gain insights from three cases concerning cross-border regional cooperation: two implemented joint support schemes – i.e. the joint electricity certificate market set up between Sweden and Norway and the joint auction for ground-mounted PV between Germany and Denmark – and one attempted, yet abandoned joint project idea, on wind energy, between the UK and Ireland. The intervention logic framework of the European Environment Agency is used as analytical tool for assessing the cases and their specific effectiveness, efficiency, added value and coherence.

Prepared by: Erika Meynaerts (VITO), Nele Renders (VITO), Andries Hof (PBL), Hsing Hsuan Chen (PBL), Javier Esparrago (EEA), Mihai Tomescu (EEA)

Published by: ETC/CME, December 2020, 25 pp.

Publication number: Eionet report ETC/CME 6/2020