ETC/CME Report 8/2020: Trends and projections under the Effort Sharing Legislation. Overview on developments and drivers.

26 Jan 2021

Tom Dauwe

This report provides an analysis of the progress of the European Union, its Member States as well as Iceland, Norway and United Kingdom in reducing greenhouse gas emissions under the Effort Sharing legislation between 2005 and 2030. The Effort Sharing legislation covers greenhouse gas emissions in transport, buildings, agriculture, waste and small industry that are not included in the EU emission trading system. The report also discusses the sectoral development of greenhouse gas emissions. It attempts to identify the main quantified policies and measures driving emission reductions at national level with a specific focus on mitigation effects of planned policies and measures.

Prepared by: Jakob Graichen (Öko-Institut), Sabine Gores (Öko-Institut), Carmen Schmid (UBA Vienna), Nicole Mandl (UBA Vienna)

Published by: ETC/CME, January 2021, 50 pp.

Publication number: Eionet report - ETC/CME 8/2020