ETC/CME Report 8/2021: Analysis of Member States’ 2021 GHG projections

21 Dec 2021

Tom Dauwe

This report provides a summary of the quality analysis of the EU Member States’ submission under 18 (1) (b) of the Regulation on the Governance of the Energy Union and Climate Action (EU) 2018/1999 conducted in 2021. Under this obligation EU Member States have to submit updated GHG projections and related information biennially. The reported information undergoes several phases of QA/QC checks consisting of checks on timeliness, accuracy, completeness, consistency and comparability. Details on the underlying QA/QC procedure are described in ETC/CME Eionet Report 7/2021.

Prepared by: Carmen Schmid (UBA-V), Georg Wartecker (UBA-V), Henrik Neier (UBA-V), Evert Bouman (NILU), Babak Ebrahimi (NILU), Dam Vo Thanh (NILU), Rosie Brook (Aether), Justine Raoult (Aether), Tom Dauwe (VITO), Kelsey van Maris (VITO), Javier Esparrago (EEA)

Published by: ETC/CME, December 2021, 57 pp.

Publication number: Eionet report - ETC/CME 8/2021