ETC/ACM Report 16/2011: Nowcasting Greenhouse Gases Emissions using Observational In-situ and Satellite Information - Scoping paper

05 Mar 2012

Iulian Petchesi

There is no doubt that nowcasting science will develop in the future, but nowcasting GHG emissions is not an achieved issue. A lot remains to be done both for getting relevant information and for using it appropriately. The scope of this paper is to review the use and interest of GHG emissions nowcasts and to assess the state of the art in terms of monitoring and modelling to produce such data. It should support the European Environment Agency to consider possible methodologies that could fill in the information gap caused by a time-lag of the formal and calculated proxy GHG emission inventories.<\p>

Prepared by: Laurence Rouïl (INERIS, FR).

Published by: ETC/ACM, March 2012, 31 pp.