2019 Workshop on policies for delivering GHG reductions in effort sharing sectors (DG CLIMA)

Date: 15 October 2019

This workshop was organised as part of the project "Capacity Building to Facilitate Implementation of the Effort Sharing Legislation, with Focus on Ex-post Evaluation and Policy Lessons Learned" of DG Climate Action. The project team consisted of Ricardo Energy & Environment, Öko-Institut, VITO, and Wageningen Environmental Research.

The overall aim of this project was to strengthen Member States’ capacity to implement and meet their objectives under the effort sharing legislation. The specific objectives of the project were to:

  • Identify and share good practices of policies and measures in the Member States which reduce emissions in effort sharing sectors;
  • Improve Member States’ capacity for performing policy evaluations in particular ex-post evaluations; and
  • Support Member States in developing and putting in place appropriate policy measures.

On Tuesday 15th October 2019 the project delivered the first capacity building workshop on the Effort Sharing Regulation for policy makers, non-government organisations and business experts in Bucharest.

Agenda: link


Jürgen Salay, Directorate-General for Climate Action, European Commission: chair person’s welcome

Transport Session:

Samantha Morgan-Price, Ricardo Energy & Environment: Overview of policy instruments in the transport sector

David Sutton, Transport Malta, Malta: Malta's National Transport Strategy 2050 and Transport Master Plan 2025

Adrian Ștefanescu and Georgiana Tarita, Ministry of Environment, Romania: Successes and learning opportunities from the scrappage programme, electric vehicles grant scheme and electric vehicles infrastructure policies

Catalin Frangulea-Pastor, Brasov Metropolitan Agency for Sustainable Development, Romania: Designing and implementing an urban mobility plan in Brasov, Romania

Agriculture Session:

Hugh Martineau, Ricardo Energy & Environment: Overview of policy instruments in the agriculture sector

Naiana Milea, Ministry of Waters and Forests, Romania: Best practices of agriculture policy in Romania with a case study on the dissemination programme for biogas production technology from manure

Stanimira Misheva, Ministry of Environment and Water, Bulgaria: Bulgarian polices and measures for agriculture sector and future plans

Sanja Krnić Bastać, Ministry of Agriculture, Croatia: Best practices of agriculture policy and future CAP opportunities in relation to Effort Sharing Regulation obligation

Samantha Morgan-Price, Ricardo Energy & Environment: How to access the tailored capacity building support and examples of supported provided to Members States.