2020 Workshop on capacity building for Member States on climate policy ex-post evaluation (DG CLIMA)

Date: 23 September 2020

This workshop was organised as part of the project "Capacity Building to Facilitate Implementation of the Effort Sharing Legislation, with Focus on Ex-post Evaluation and Policy Lessons Learned" of DG Climate Action. The project team consisted of Ricardo Energy & Environment, Öko-Institut, VITO, and Wageningen Environmental Research.

The overall aim of this project was to strengthen Member States’ capacity to implement and meet their objectives under the effort sharing legislation. The specific objectives of the project were to:

  • Identify and share good practices of policies and measures in the Member States which reduce emissions in effort sharing sectors;
  • Improve Member States’ capacity for performing policy evaluations in particular ex-post evaluations; and
  • Support Member States in developing and putting in place appropriate policy measures.

On Wednesday 23rd September 2020 the project delivered an online workshop for members states evaluation experts on climate policy ex-post evaluation.

Agenda: link


Nele Renders, VITO: Guidance document on climate policy evaluations

Eric De Brabanter, Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development, Luxembourg: Luxembourg, decomposition analysis of road transport GHG emissions

Jürgen Salay, Directorate-General for Climate Action: Exploring ideas for a network of climate policy evaluators

Martijn Verdonk, Netherlands Enterprise Agency RVO, Netherlands: The national system for policy evaluations in the Netherlands