2021 Webinar on cost benefit analysis

Date: 29 October 2021

An integral part of any ex-post or ex-ante policy evaluation is a proper assessment of associated costs and benefits. Cost-benefit analysis (CBA) could be used in the evaluation of climate policies but this can pose methodological and practical challenges. The EEA has been working to provide guidance to Member States on CBA. During the webinar, three case studies were presented that will give a very practical  insight into CBA.


Welcome (Magdalena Jóźwicka-Olsen, EEA)

Case studies:

Patrizia Fagiani and Paul Riley, JASPERS – European Investment Bank: CBA and climate change mitigation in transport - an urban case study

Mathilde Niay and Bruno Quille, French Ministry for the Ecological Transition: French conversion premium of 2019​. Ex-post socio-economic analysis​ 

Bert Tieben, SEO Amsterdam Economics: Social cost-benefit analysis of sustainable energy for the built environment in Noord-Brabant (NL)


Recording: part 1 and part 2 (the recording was interrupted and had to be restarted)