ETC/ICM data call: Marine Strategy Framework Directive – 2018 Data request for Article 18

Friday, 26 October 2018

Ref. Ares(2018)5489478 - 25/10/2018



Directorate C - Quality of Life

ENV.C.2 - Marine Environment & Water Industry

ENV/C.2/DC/gm env.c.2(2018)6088977

To: Nominated Reporters for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive

Cc: Environment Attachés of Permanent Representations;
       Marine Directors of the EU 28 Member States;
       Members of the Marine Strategy Coordination Group (MSCG);
       Members of the MSFD Working Group on Data, Information and Knowledge Exchange (WG DIKE)

Dear colleagues,

In accordance with Article 18 of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD), Member States shall, within three years of the publication of each programme of measures or update thereof in accordance with Article 19(2), submit to the Commission a brief interim report describing progress in the implementation of that programme.

The MSFD Guidance document 12 ‘Reporting on Programmes of Measures (Art.13), on exceptions (Art. 14), and on interim reports (Art. 18) for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive sets out the way in which this reporting is to be undertaken through the submission of XML files. All of the resources highlighted in this data request are available at

The measure code, measure name, category and MSFD Descriptor that have already been reported under Article 13 MSFD have been pre-filled, leaving Member States to fill in the additional Article 18 information. As is standard practice, the xml report is linked to the relevant Marine Reporting Units.

You are reminded that it is a legal obligation to report by the date indicated above; you are urged to do your utmost to notify the reports by this deadline. If you consider there is a significant risk of not being able to meet this obligation, we would be grateful if you could indicate, for our planning purposes, by when you intend to report, via email to

We take this opportunity to thank you for your support and look forward to receiving your reports in due course.

Yours faithfully,

Matjaz Malgaj

Annex 1: Reporting and notification procedures for the 2018 data request on Article 18

Guidance documents

The MSFD Guidance document 12 ‘Reporting on Programmes of Measures (Art.13), on exceptions (Art. 14), and on interim reports (Art. 18) for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive informs about the details of the reporting. The reporting needs always to be linked to Marine Reporting Units.

Schemas, data specifications and QA/QC

XDS schemas can be found at:

Member States are expected to submit only one file (XML) per schema.

The MSFD 2018 Data Model for Art. 18 (UML) and other resources are available on the resource web page:

Quality control checks will be validated using the XSD schema running it in CDR when the XML file is uploaded. Those checks have been implemented in the web form where the mandatory fields will be highlighted.

Reporting tools

In order to facilitate the generation of the XMLs, a web-form [1] where Member States can directly edit the XMLs has been created. A prefilling has been done and is accessible in the web-form; it will be displayed when the user selects a country.

Although there is an option to annotate all the entries with text fields, text should only be added where absolutely needed.

Where to report

The reports need to be uploaded to the corresponding country folder in the CDR. Under each country folder, in the EU obligations envelope, there is a sub-collection “Marine Strategy Framework Directive: progress on implementation of programmes of measures”. “Marine Strategy Framework Directive: Article 17 (updates)” within which there is a collection “2018 Reporting – Articles 8, 9 and 10, and related geographic areas”. There are sub-folders for spatial data (Article 4), text reports and XML files related to Articles 8, 9 and 10 updates:


For questions and help related to content and guidance on 2018 MSFD reporting, please contact the MSFD helpdesk:

For technical support related to EIONET in general (e.g. login problems), please contact the EIONET helpdesk:

[1] Available in .