Updates to the bathing water reporting

To: Nominated reporters for the Bathing Water Directive
      Environment Attachés of Permanent Representations

Cc: Water Directors of EU28 Member States
      Eionet National Focal Points
      WISE national reporting coordinators

From: Maja Feder, DG ENV and Peter Kristensen, EEA

Subject: Updates to the bathing water reporting

Dear Colleague,

Many regions of Europe are for the moment in a difficult situation and we trust that you, your families and colleagues are well.

During the 2019 bathing water reporting a revised bathing water data model (BWD 2019) was announced and opened for Member States for reporting the 2019 bathing water results. EEA’s future developments on improvements in reporting, quality controls (QC) and feedback information (dashboards) are concentrated on this revised data model (BWD 2019).  The BWD 2019 data model will be used for the reporting of 2020 bathing water results. The bathing water helpdesk will help Member States to solve issues in relation to the transition to the revised format.

EEA held a Webinar in November 2019 with the aim of illustrating changes and improvements under the revised BWD 2019 data model.  Information from this Webinar, including the recording of the presentations, can be found at: https://forum.eionet.europa.eu/nrc-eionet-freshwater/library/bathing-waters/2019-webinar-bathing-water-reporting.

The revised bathing water data model (BWD 2019) has a similar structure to Old one but provides an improved performance, better options for feedback and (in the future) automatic calculation of status.  It requires some details on seasonal events e.g. short-term pollution events that not all countries have reported under the old Bathing water reporting. EEA has prepared the attached document that describes the revised data model and issues that may require extra attention during the 2020 monitoring season, e.g. information on short-term pollution events (available at: https://forum.eionet.europa.eu/nrc-eionet-freshwater/library/bathing-waters/2020-bathing-water-reporting).

In 2020, it will also be possible to report via Reportnet 3.0 using the BWD 2019 data model. EEA plans in the coming months to arrange a Webinar to demonstrate Reportnet 3.0 functionality.

Best wishes to you and your families during these trying times.


Maja Feder
European Commission, DG ENV

Peter Kristensen
European Environment Agency