ETC/ICM data call: UWWTD data request 2017

Friday, 19 January 2018





To Environment Attachés of Permanent Representations

Brussels, January 2018

ENV C.2/EDR/ae/env.c.2(2017)6803601

Your Excellency,

The Commission has a general duty to oversee the application of Union legislation. In that regard, according to Articles 15 and 17 of Council Directive 91/271/EEC concerning urban waste water treatment [1] (hereafter the Directive), the Commission must receive information from Member States in order to monitor the application of the Directive and gain knowledge on Member States' implementation programmes.

Pursuant to Articles 15(4) and 17(3) of the Directive, and to Article 4(3) of the Treaty on the European Union, all Member States are requested to deliver data on monitoring information collected by competent authorities pursuant to Article 15 for the year 2016, and updated information on programmes for the implementation of the Directive. Concerning implementation programmes, the information must be provided in accordance with Article 17 of the Directive and its Implementing Decision [2] . More particularly, concerning national programmes and table 5 of the Decision, the Commission will continue to give due attention to specific measures related to storm water overflows and treated waste water reuse.

The reporting requirements are similar to those of the past. The reporting process has been updated, following discussion and consultation with Member States in 2017. To ensure data quality, the automatic quality control checks have been enhanced and now introduced directly into the reporting process. More details about the reporting process and format are specified in the document attached to this letter (in English). A Data Dictionary aiming to support countries in reporting good quality data and detailed specifications in a structured format is available on-line [3](in English).

I would be grateful to receive your replies for information under both Article 15 and Article 17 of the Directive via the Reportnet [4] system of the European Environment Agency at the latest within six months of receipt of this letter.

I would also like to inform you that the specific website that has been developed under the SIIF (Structured Information and Implementation Frameworks) project and that has been used extensively during the 9th reporting process, remains at your disposal to prepare your reporting and/or to disseminate your waste water information at national level. It is a free solution that can also help you to implement the INSPIRE Directive and Directive 2003/4/EC on public access to environmental information. In that context, I urge you to make full use of the joint efforts that have been made in the past two years to improve the quality of the reported data and to take into account the anomalies that have been reported to your services by the EEA and by the Commission's contractor.

For any complementary questions, please contact Benilde Bujarrabal Fernández, phone: (+32)-2-2996863, email:

Yours faithfully,

Daniel Calleja


Annex 1: Background of the main reporting requirements for Questionnaire-2017


[1] OJ L 135 of 30.5.1991 

[2] 2014/431/EU: Commission Implementing Decision of 26 June 2014 concerning formats for reporting on the national programmes for the implementation of Council Directive 91/271/EEC (notified under document C(2014) 4208) 

[3] (Article 15), (Article 17)