WISE Bathing Water Directive data request 2020

To:    Nominated reporters for the Bathing Water Directive
         Environment Attachés of Permanent Representations

Cc:    Water Directors of EU27 Member States
         EIONET National Focal Points
         WISE national reporting coordinators

Dear Colleague,


As per Art. 13 of the Bathing Water Directive 2006/7/EC you are invited to provide your national bathing water data for the bathing season 2020 at your earliest convenience but not later than 31 December 2020. Member States are expected to report monitoring results for intestinal enterococci and Escherichia coli, as well as management measures as implemented in the bathing season.

The two requested BWD data deliveries are “Monitoring and Classification of Bathing Waters“ (obligation 787) and “Identification of Bathing Waters“ (obligation 788). All data files should be uploaded to the Central Data Repository (CDR). The BWD templates used until 2019 (i.e. data flows 531 and 532) are not used any more.

Should you require support at the national level in composing the dataset, please contact your EIONET National Focal Point. Reporting permissions are to be communicated between WISE national reporting coordinators and bwd.helpdesk@eionet.europa.eu.


Data delivery – Identification of Bathing Waters (Obligation 788)

The reporting of identified bathing waters to the Commission before the start of the bathing season (Art. 13.2) is used as the spatial dataset at the same time. It is the basis for subsequent monitoring data, therefore the list of identified bathing waters (obligation 788) should be reported before delivering the monitoring data (obligation 787). The list needs to be reported only once and will be used for any subsequent season as the official list under Art. 13.2 unless changes occur. These include identifying a new bathing water, delisting the existing one, or changing the attributes (name, location point coordinates, etc.). Only in such case, a new list should be delivered before the start of the bathing season.

The format of the delivery is spatial data file – Shapefile or GML. The pre-filled files with the lists of national bathing waters are available to national reporters at respective "WISE restricted access area":

National reporters are invited to download the dataset and review the pre-filled list. If correct, it can be directly delivered to the CDR folder “Identification of Bathing Waters”:

Additional guidance and documentation on the dataset 788 is available in CDR BWD Help section.


Data delivery – Monitoring and Classification of Bathing Waters (Obligation 787)

The monitoring results, bathing water quality classification, bathing season period and other management periods (such as short-term pollution, abnormal situation, and inaccessibility) should be reported in the reporting template accessible and described in EIONET Data Dictionary. The format of the delivery is XLS spreadsheet file.

National reporters are invited to download the template and fulfil the three tables. The file can be delivered to the CDR folder “Monitoring and Classification of Bathing Waters”: http://cdr.eionet.europa.eu/{countryCode}/eu/bwd/bwd_787/

The documents at the BWD Help section offer support for the following steps:


Data quality check

Once the data files have been uploaded, an automatic QA/QC procedure will run and a list of errors will be automatically shown. We kindly request that you check the results, correct issues (if any), redeliver corrected data and release the envelope (completing the task). Once the envelope is released, it is marked as an official delivery and the specific file cannot be changed anymore; data updates, corrections and re-submissions can always be delivered via a (new) separate envelope, which enables clear and automated tracking of delivery versions in the database. The deliveries that are not released cannot be processed in the system and are therefore treated/perceived as not officially delivered. You can find a description of how to import data into CDR, run automatic QC, redeliver and release the envelope in the BWD Help section’s document How to use Reportnet for BWD reporting. A further level of manual data quality checks will be carried out by the EEA once the 2020 bathing season data has been accepted to the production database.


Developments in the BWD reporting

In an on-going effort to improve the reporting, Reportnet 3.0 infrastructure is being developed and will be available for testing with BWD data soon. Reportnet 3.0 is going to allow direct interaction between the national reporter and the EEA BWD database, thus facilitating data exchange and edits.

Both the current reporting and Reportnet 3.0 reporting features will be demonstrated at the upcoming BWD reporting webinar, to be held on 17th November 2020 and 1st December 2020. The invitation with the agenda and supplementary material will be circulated among the nominated BWD reporters few days before the webinar. The purpose of both webinars is also to discuss details of reporting and get your feedbacks.


Developments in the BWD implementation

The Commission has launched the review process of the Bathing Water Directive which will examine how the updated rules have worked, in particular if they have helped to protect public health and clean water, supplementing national efforts. It will also assess whether there is a need to improve the existing rules and propose relevant updates, if necessary.

In the coming weeks the Commission will publish for comments on the Have your say portal (https://ec.europa.eu/info/law/better-regulation/have-your-say/initiatives/12658-Bathing-water-quality-review-of-EU-rules) an inception impact assessment. The document will describe the problem to be tackled and objectives to be met, explain why EU action is needed, outline policy options and describe the main features of the consultation strategy.


Helpdesk support

In case of login problems or any other technical difficulties encountered with EIONET web services, please contact Eionet Helpdesk.
For questions related to the content of the data requested, please contact the ETC/ICM Bathing Water workgroup at bwd.helpdesk@eionet.europa.eu.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and look forward to your replies.


Maja Dorota Feder
European Commission, DG ENV

Mustafa Aydin
European Environment Agency