The ETC/ULS primarily supports EEA Strategic Area (SA) 1: Informing policy implementation and, more specifically, project groups 1.8 Urban, land use and soil, 1.4 Climate change adaptation and LULUCF, and 1.7 Biodiversity and ecosystems, agriculture and forests, as well as 2.4 Sustainability assessments and state of the environment reporting in SA2: Assessing systemic challenges.

Work will develop the link of urban, land and soil data and assessments with the land-related economic sectors, such as agriculture and forestry as relevant to the CAP, the EU Forest Strategy and the EU Biodiversity Strategy targets and the SDGs, and support the Climate change and adaptation policies, including support to the LULUCF Regulation. It will seek to advance a cross-cutting conceptual framework of sustainable land systems and land degradation neutrality and provide for finalisation of SOER 2020, linking to the 7th EAP (Priority objectives 1, 2 and 8). The work is focusing on three main areas and related cross-cutting and supporting tasks:

  • Developing data, indicators and assessments, in particular, making use of Copernicus land monitoring data;
  • Data and spatial analysis support to the Biodiversity Strategy, in particular target 2, i.e. the ecosystem mapping and assessment objective, corresponding to MAES, green infrastructure and natural capital accounting activities;
  • Continuing the analysis of geospatial information for urban sustainability, climate change adaptation and LULUCF accounting by consolidating related typologies and indicators and data sets.