Welcome to the Integrated Data Platform (IDP)

The cross cutting EEA project 1.8.1 Integrated Data Platform (IDP) was set up to enhance EEA`s capacity in integrated spatial assessments. The IDP project designs a system architecture for spatial datasets to be used in integrated spatial assessment by linking infrastructures and systems established in the EEA.

The IDP project is implemented in three working modules:

1) Spatial datasets: identifies and integrates key spatial datasets into EEA’s Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI).

2) Semantic inventory: summarizes the technical, thematic and contextual information of EEA’s spatial datasets by developing spatial data ontologies, which supports the needs of the analytical community.

3) Integrated analyses: facilities analysis of spatial datasets by integrating the datasets from a wide range of data sources and properties into a common database enabling transparent and repeatable extraction of statistics.

With these 3 working areas the Integrated Data Platform will enable efficient integrated assessments using spatial datasets. Through discovering semantic and contextual linkages the Integrated Data Platform will support system thinking and understanding how the various entities can best be understood in the context of relationships with each other and with other systems.

The inventory module is supported by the following products:

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