IDP Contextual Data Inventory

Integrated spatial assessments can only be effective if geo-spatial data are inventoried in a transparent way, which enables the immediate understanding of the context and the analytical potential of our data.

While the majority of the required technical and contextual information is available in various forums in the EEA (e.g. SDI, Semantic Data Service (SDS), the web site and the EIONET forum) the information is difficult to retrieve because it is not organized in a way that optimally targets the analytical community. Integrated assessments need to simplify the data complexity caused by our numerous working areas and analytical expertise. Organised and harmonised storage of spatial datasets and their metadata in the Spatial Data Infrastructure is indispensable for a data architecture, which is to enable a transparent and repeatable accounting of our natural capital.

However, these spatial data specifications are difficult to retrieve for thematic experts because they are not organized according to the needs of analytical objectives. For a comprehensive information system, SDI specifications (e.g. spatial resolution, data format) should be enhanced by thematic and contextual information (e.g. DPSRI element, policy objective, topics). Therefore, SDI specifications need to be linked to EEA`s Semantic Data Service (SDS) so that technical information of spatial datasets can be harvested in a way which targets specific thematic user groups. These semantics need to be brought together in a Contextual Data Inventory (CDI).

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