IDP Web Map viewer

The Integrated Data Platform visualizes spatial datasets by producing web map services and publishing them in web map viewers. Web map services are protocols for serving georeferenced map images which a map server generates using data from a GIS database. Web map viewers enable spatial overlays so that the datasets can be interactively explored also by project managers without GIS expertise. Web map services are produced in ArcGIS desktop and visualized in ArcGIS Online. Web map services are produced by data providers, typically by ETCs following EEAs QA/QC criteria. The "Web Map Viewer" enable 3 main functions for the user in order to enable data exploration:

1) Search for a web map service: the search will use keywords (i.e. tags), or group names. Both are developed under the ontology work of the Integrated Data Platform Project.

2) The user can explore and visualise the services identified by the search function. Hence, upon user request the web application will list e.g. all biodiversity or all agriculture related services belonging to the group topics. Other topics like SA (strategic area), reporting obligations etc. may also be defined. The groups are also developed in the ontology work of the Integrated Data Platform Project.

3) Once the wished services are found and explored by overlays and zoom functions the user will find all relevant semantic information of the spatial dataset behind the service. These are combinations of technical information coming from the SDI and other contextual information, collected in the Contextual Data Inventory.

Follow the weblink below to find the "IDP web map Viewer"