EEA reports with contributions from ETC/ULS

Including products from 2009 to 2018 with contributions from the predecessors of ETC/ULS

May 2019 Natural capital accounting in support of policymaking in Europe

A review based on EEA ecosystem accounting work

EEA Report No 26/2018

Sep 2017

Landscapes in transition

An account of 25 years of land cover change in Europe

EEA Report No 10/2017

Dec 2016

Land recycling in Europe

Approaches to measuring extent and impacts

EEA Report No 31/2016

Jul 2016

Urban adaptation to climate change in Europe 2016

Transforming cities in a changing climate

EEA Report No 12/2016

Jun 2016

Urban sprawl in Europe

Joint EEA-FOEN report

EEA Report No 11/2016

Feb 2016

Mapping and assessing the condition of Europe's ecosystems

EEA contribution to the implementation of the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2020

EEA Report No  3/2016

Apr 2016

Soil resource efficiency in urbanised areas

Analytical framework and implications for governance

EEA Report No 7/2016

Apr 2016

European forest ecosystem

State and trends

EEA Report No 5/2016

Jul 2013

EU bioenergy potential from a resource-efficiency perspective

EEA Report No 3/2013

May 2012

Urban adaptation to climate change in Europe

Challenges and opportunities for cities together with supportive national and European policies

EEA Report No 2/2012

Jul 2012

EEA Catchments and Rivers Network System ECRINS v1.1

Rationales, building and improving for widening uses to Water Accounts and WISE applications

EEA Technical report No 7/2012

Dec 2011

Green infrastructure and territorial cohesion.

The concept of green infrastructure and its integration into policies using monitoring systems.

EEA Report No 18/2011

Sept 2011

Landscape fragmentation in Europe

Joint EEA-FOEN report

EEA Report No 2/2011

Sept 2010

Europe's ecological backbone:

recognising the true value of our mountains

EEA Report No 6/2010

May 2009

Ensuring quality of life in Europe's cities and towns

Tackling the environmental challenges driven by European and global change

EEA Report No 5/2009

Dec 2006

Land accounts for Europe 1990–2000

Towards integrated land and ecosystem accounting

EEA Report No 11/2006

Nov 2006

Urban sprawl in Europe

The ignored challenge

EEA Report No 10/2006

Jul 2006 The changing faces of Europe's coastal areas

EEA Report No 6/2006

Jan 2006

Agriculture and environment in EU-15

the IRENA indicator report

EEA Report No 6/2005