The ETC/WMGE primarily supports EEA's Strategic Areas (SA) 1: Informing policy implementation and 2: Assessing systemic challenges, more specifically, project groups 1.9 Waste and Material resources, 2.1 Resource efficient environment and the economy, 2.2 Environment, human health and well-being and partly also 2.3 Megatrends and transitions and 2.4 Sustainability assessments and state of the environment reporting.

The work in 2019 is focusing on the below main areas and related cross-cutting and supporting tasks:

  • Waste management and prevention
  • Resource efficiency
  • Product policies and consumption
  • Plastics and the environment
  • Circular economy assessment
  • Sectoral integration and green economy
  • Environmental accounting Chemicals – indicators and assessment
  • Forward Looking Information – Knowledge base & capacity building
  • Sustainability transitions
  • SOER 2020
  • Urban sustainability