EEA reports and briefings with contributions from ETC/WMGE

February 2021 Digital technologies will deliver more efficient waste management in Europe
EEA Briefing 26/2020 (link)
January 2021 Plastic in textiles: towards a circular economy for synthetic textiles in Europe
EEA Briefing 25/2020 (link)
January 2021 A framework for enabling circular business models in Europe
EEA Briefing 22/2020 (link)
June 2020 The sustainability transition in Europe in an age of demographic and technological change
EEA Report 23/2019 (link)
June 2020 Europe's consumption in a circular economy: the benefits of longer-lasting electronics
EEA Briefing 02/2020 (link)
June 2020 Bio-waste in Europe - turning challenges into opportunities
EEA Report 4/2020 (link)
April 2020 Resource efficiency and the circular economy in Europe 2019
EEA Report 26/2019 (link)
January 2020 Construction and demolition waste: challenges and opportunities in a circular economy
EEA Briefing 14/2019 (link)
November 2019 Textiles in Europe's circular economy
EEA Briefing 10/2019 (link)
October 2019 Reducing loss of resources from waste management is key to strengthening the circular economy in Europe
EEA Briefing 8/2019 (link)
October 2019 The plastic waste trade in the circular economy
EEA Briefing 7/2019 (link)
October 2019 Paving the way for a circular economy: insights on status and potentials
EEA Report 11/2019 (link)
June 2019 Preventing plastic waste in Europe
EEA Report 2/2019 (link)
August 2018 The circular economy and the bio-economy - Partners in sustainability
EEA report 8/2018 (link)
June 2018 Waste prevention in Europe - policies, status and trends in reuse in 2017
EEA Report 4/2018 (link)
June 2017 Circular by design - Products in the circular economy
EEA Report 6/2017 (link)
December 2016 Prevention of hazardous waste in Europe - the status in 2015
EEA Report 35/2016 (link)
September 2016 Environmental taxation and EU environmental policies
EEA Report 17/2016 (link)
June 2016 More from Less - material resource efficiency in Europe 
EEA Report 10/2016 (link)
January 2016 Circular Economy in Europe - Developing the Knowledge base
EEA Report 2/2016 (link)