ETC/WMGE Report 7/2021: Co-creation process on circular economy monitoring

01 Oct 2021

Evelien Dils

This ETC report provides an overview of the outcomes from a range of interactive sessions organized in the context of a co-creation process on circular economy monitoring with 16 participating Eionet countries. The objectives of the co-creation process were to identify best national or regional practices on monitoring circular economy strategies, data sources and target setting as well as remaining challenges. Countries presented their status and interests and participants shared recommended literature. Thematic webinars revealed the needs, challenges and barriers as well as solutions, good practice and future options.  An expert Workshop enhanced the co-creation learnings from both contents and process point of view. The latest developments on CE Monitoring at EU level strengthened the collective learning.

The report furthermore provides a reflection by the ETC on the links between national monitoring efforts and the Bellagio principles for circular economy monitoring, which were developed in  parallel with the co-creation process. This shows that the principles are largely consistent with national activities, and can serve as a guide for further development of monitoring.