ETC/WMGE reports

ETC reports are usually not (with some exceptions) subject to a review by the Eionet countries and do not formally represent the view of the European Environment Agency.

Publication date Title Download
01 Oct 2021 Co-creation process on circular economy monitoring
31 Aug 2021 Modelling the sustainability transition in between the EGD and the Next Generation EU
13 Jul 2021 Unlocking the potential of Industry 4.0 to reduce the environmental impact of production
22 Jun 2021 Impact of COVID-19 on single-use plastics and the environment in Europe
06 May 2021 Greenhouse gas emissions and natural capital implications of plastics (including biobased plastics)
11 Apr 2021 Methodology for the Early warning assessment related to certain waste targets
03 Feb 2021 Digital waste management
28 Jan 2021 Plastic in textiles: potentials for circularity and reduced environmental and climate impacts
28 Jan 2021 Business Models in a Circular Economy
15 Dec 2020 Environmental aspects related to the use of critical raw materials in priority sectors and value chains
24 Jun 2020 Systemic modelling tools to assess the green economy transition
18 Jun 2020 Electronics and obsolescence in a circular economy
13 Jan 2020 Construction and Demolition Waste: challenges and opportunities in a circular economy
19 Nov 2019 Textiles and the environment in a circular economy
28 Oct 2019 Plastics waste trade and the environment
28 Oct 2019 Are we losing resources when managing Europe's waste?
24 May 2019 ETC/WMGE Report 2/2019: EU Environmental Targets and Objectives 2015 – 2050
01 Oct 2018 Material resource taxation – an analysis for selected material resources
01 Jun 2018 ETC/WMGE Report (Working paper 2018): Hazardous waste review in the EU-28, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey – Generation and treatment
17 Apr 2018 Scenarios for municipal waste recycling based on the European Reference Model on Municipal Waste
10 Jan 2017 Assessment of waste incineration capacity and waste shipments in Europe