Synchronize the Eionet Planner with your own calendar tool

This How-To describes the steps to take to subscribe to the Planner events in your calendar tool, e.g. Outlook

The Eionet Planner offers a subscription option (.ics), allowing you to have all Planner events up-to-date in your own calendar/email tool.

We are describing the steps to set this up using Microsoft Outlook, but the principle is the same in all calendar tools. 

Step 1

Copy the following URL leading to the ICal the following:

Note  Do not download and import the file, as you will not receive any future updates with this method

Step 2

In Microsoft Outlook, go to the calendar view, right click on "My calendars" --> "Add calendar" --> "From Internet"


Paste the previously copied URL in the resulting field. You will receive a message to confirm  the subscription, and some options, to e.g. to change the Name of the calendar and add a section for it (Recommended).


Step 3

The Calendar will now appear under your chosen Folder in the calendar view. Please be aware that the category colors of the Planner cannot be automatically displayed when subscribing. This is a limitation of the calendar tools. Please note that different calendar tools/versions will also display the content differently. This is not something we have control over. 

Note: When you subscribe to a calendar, your calendar will automatically refresh if the Planner is updated. However, this can sometimes take more than 24 hours and is dependent on your calendar tool.