GIS in EEA and Eionet

This page contains links to guidelines and templates related to handling spatial data in EEA and Eionet

Criteria requested by the European Environment Agency for the integration of data into the Environmental data centres and their hosting infrastructure

Guidelines for contributors to Discomap

It is possible to contribute and publish WebServices to under certain conditions.

Guidelines for authors providing maps, charts, data and metadata


EEA recommends the use of multipurpose ETRS89 Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area 52N 10E grid. This grid is described in detail in the 'EEA Data requirement for map production – EEA GIS guide'-FAQ chapter. Grid in shape file-format is available here: EEA Reference Grid (1 km, 10 km and 100 km grid cells).

Read more here: About the EEA reference grid

The EEA Reference grid is based on the recommendation at the 1st European Workshop on Reference Grids in 2003 and later INSPIRE geographical grid systems European Reference Grids Workshop.

Links to related spatial data infrastructures

  • The EEA Dataservice Sharing European environmental datasets, maps, charts and applications
  • EEA Web Maps Web map applications created and managed by EEA..
  • Discomap The EEA webmap services for developers. Merge and join EEA services into other products.
  • INSPIRE Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe

EEA catalogues

  • EEA public datasets
  • EEA geospatial catalogue: Public metadata catalogue service that facilitates the discovery of the public geospatial datasets produced and/or published by the EEA. Eionet account required to have access to restricted and internal datasets. Additional information, metadata editor, thematic nodes and registration is available in the geospatial catalogue webpage .