Street Emission Ceiling exercise - Phase 2 report ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2004/5

18 Aug 2005

Iulian Petchesi

Traffic related air pollution is still one of the most pressing problems in urban areas. Evidence of the adverse health effects of fine particulate matter is continuously emerging and the fact that most of the traffic related emissions are in the fine particulates range ( The SEC project analyses the excess concentrations observed at urban hotspots and attempts to formulate a generalised approach that can be used by local authorities in their efforts to reduce local air pollution. At the same time, SEC aims to support the CAFE program and provide a basis for the inclusion of the local scale into the full Integrated Assessment Modelling chain currently applied at European scale to study present and future air quality and air emission reductions. This report reflects the results of the second phase of the SEC project.

N. Moussiopoulos, E.-A. Kalognomou, A. Papathanasiou, S. Eleftheriadou, Ph. Barmpas, Ch. Vlachokostas (LHTEE/AUT)
Z. Samaras, G. Mellios, I. Vouitsis (LAT/AUT)
S.E. Larssen, K.I. Gjerstad (NILU)
F.A.A.M. de Leeuw (RIVM/MNP)
K.D. van den Hout, S. Teeuwisse (TNO-MEP)
R.M. van Aalst (EC)