Additional 2011 European air quality maps ETC/ACM Technical Paper 2014/5

20 Nov 2014

Iulian Petchesi

EEA Report No 5/2014 cover

NO2 annual average; NOx annual average, SO2 annual and winter average; overlays with Natura2000 areas

Prepared by: ETC/ACM members Jan Horálek, Pavel Kurfürst (CHMI, Praha, Czech Republic)

Published by: ETC/ACM, November 2014, 13 pp.

Map downloads for NO2, NOx and SO2:

  • ArcGIS v10.1 and v9.3 shape file sets with MXD for the maps in the Annex:
    Download of NO2, NOx and SO2 maps as shape file sets (One zipped file for NO2, two zipped files for NOx, two zipped files for SO2. Note that the shapefile “EEA_2kmgrid_2011”, which is in “”, is needed at both NOx and SO2 maps).

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