Annexes to ETC/ICM Report 2/2019: EU Policy-Based Assessment of the Capacity of Marine Ecosystems to Supply Ecosystem Services

04 Nov 2019

Fiona Culhane, Christopher Frid, Gerjan Piet, Lydia White, Harriet van Overzee, Paul Scott, David Miller, Eva Royo Gelabert, Leonie Robinson, Bethany Stoker

Prepared by:
Lead authors: Fiona Culhane (University of Liverpool), Christopher Frid (University of Liverpool), Gerjan Piet (IMARES), Lydia White (University of Liverpool), Harriet van Overzee (IMARES), Paul Scott (University of Liverpool), David Miller (IMARES), Eva Royo Gelabert (EEA), Leonie Robinson (University of Liverpool), Bethany Stoker (JNCC)
Coordination: Claudia Neitzel (ETC/ICM, UFZ)
English check: Bethany Stoker (JNCC)
Layout: F&U confirm, Leipzig

Published by: ETC/ICM, November 2019, 250 pp.