ETC/ICM Report 3/2022: Calculating emissions to water – a simplified method

20 Dec 2022

Joost vandenRoovaart, Antje Ullrich, Nanette Van Duijnhoven, Hana Prchalová, Julia Bleser, Caroline Whalley

Information on the quantities of pollutants released – emissions – is important for understanding whether control measures are successful. The European Green Deal established the Zero Pollution Ambition (EC, 2019) which relies on baseline information by which to determine whether pollution is being reduced. Unfortunately, despite decades of effort within countries, we still lack good information on the total emissions of pollutants released to water across Europe.

This report is aimed at those preparing inventories of emissions to water. It provides a simplified method for calculating the emissions to water and is intended to help where there is currently limited emissions information available. It describes quantification methods for the 13 pathways for emissions to surface waters referred to in the WFD Technical Guidance (EC, 2012), with factsheets giving an overview of each pathway and detailing specific calculation methods. Efforts have been made to gather as much information on priority substance concentrations and emission factors, relevant to European countries, as possible.

This activity started under the WFD’s Common Implementation Strategy work programme (2019-2021) under the Working Group Chemicals. The participation of Member States and stakeholder experts was essential in its development. Finalisation of the work has been undertaken by the European Topic Centre for Inland, Coastal and Marine Waters, consulting EIONET.

Prepared by:

Lead authors: Joost van den Roovaart (Deltares), Antje Ullrich (UBA), Nanette van Duijnhoven (Deltares), Hana Prchalová (CENIA), Julia Bleser (Deltares), Caroline Whalley (EEA)
EEA project manager: Caroline Whalley
Coordination: Claudia Neitzel (UFZ)
Language Check: Shane Hume (CENIA)
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