ETC/ICM Report 1/2011: Comparison of Nitrate Reporting Under European Reporting Obligations

12 May 2011

Nils Hettich

If member states would like to "report once - use many times", then streamlining of environmental data reporting is needed. 
Nitrate concentrations in water are being reported under three reporting obligations: the Nitrate Directive (NiD) reporting, State of Environment (SoE) reporting and Water Framework Directive (WFD) reporting. 
In order to develop a proposal for streamlining of these three reporting obligations, the similarities and differences of the three reporting obligations have been compared by ETC/ICM during the last 3 years. 
This report summarises the results and main findings and provides recommendations for potential streamlining. It provides a background for further discussions. 

Prepared by: ETC/ICM members Hana Prchalova and Silvie Semeradova, CENIA, Czech Environmental Information Agency, Prague, Czech Republic 

Published by: ETC/ICM, May 2011, 58 pp. 

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