ETC Water Report 2/2010: Freshwater Eutrophication Assessment

This report provides an assessment of eutrophication in freshwaters throughout Europe. It is intended as extended background material to the nutrient and eutrophication issues described in a more con-densed form in the Water Quality assessment within the EEA’s 2010 State of Europe’s Environment report. This report describes: - detrimental impacts that eutrophication causes (ecosystem health, economic costs etc.); - factors driving eutrophication including the various sources of nutrients and the pressure on the wa-ter environment that they exert; - current state and recent trends in freshwater nutrient quality as reflected by nutrient concentrations; - impacts of excessive nutrient levels upon freshwater biota and ecosystems – including the current biological state; and - an analysis of the response or measures that can be implemented to tackle eutrophication, including case studies that illustrate the impact of measure(s) upon the state and impact

29 Nov 2010

Nils Hettich

Background Report for EEA European Environment State and Outlook Report 2010