ETC/ICM Report 1/2013: Hazardous Substances in European waters - Analysis of the data on hazardous substances in groundwater, rivers, transitional, coastal and marine waters reported to the European Environment Agency from 1998 - 2010

03 Jun 2012

Nils Hettich

This ETC/ICM Technical Report provides a systematic summary presentation of the data on hazardous substances in European waters as reported by countries to the European Environment Agency. It gives a quick overview of the state and availability of hazardous substances data, occurrence, concentrations levels and trends over time as well as “traffic light indicators” at country level by comparisons with quality standards, where applicable. These overviews are considered useful for a compact display of the thousands of data records for each substance, but should not be seen as an assessment of the situation between the reporting countries. This is the first attempt to compile the State of Environment (SoE) data on selected hazardous substances ever written. The report is planned to be a periodical ETC/ICM Technical Report and will be updated every second year. 
This ETC/ICM Technical Report is a complementary report to the EEA report No. 8/2011 – Hazardous Substances in Europe’s Fresh and Marine Waters. 

Prepared by: ETC/ICM members: Vít Kodeš, Anita Künitzer, Silvie Semerádová, Miroslav Fanta (CENIA), Birger Bjerkeng, Norman Green, Sissel Ranneklev (NIVA), Marko Kovačič (TC Vode) and Joergen Noerrevang Jensen (ICES) 

Published by: ETC/ICM, May 2013, 238 pp.