ETC/ICM Report 4/2017: Spatial Analysis of Marine Protected Area Networks in Europe’s Seas II, Volume A, 2017

13 Dec 2017

Nils Hettich

This technical report presents an overview of the spatial distribution of marine protected areas (MPAs) in Europe’s seas established as of 2016 (excluding overseas territories). It represents a rerun and advancement of the spatial statistics and of the coherence analysis run by the European Topic Centre on inland, coastal and marine waters (ETC/ICM) on MPA reported data in 2012 and as such provides insight on the observed changes in European MPAs established in the four year period 2013-2016. 

The networks of MPAs taken into account in the analysis are those established under the framework of the EU Nature Directives, National designations, and the Regional Sea Conventions as reported in the respective official spatial and tabular databases. The MPA assessment areas are defined by regions and sub-regions referred to in Marine Strategy Framework Directive reporting mechanisms. The statistics are reported in terms of surface area (km2) and relative percentage cover as well as percentage overlap between different networks. 

This volume contains the general MPA statistics and figures relating to the representativity principle, which is one of the four principles against which MPA networks are evaluated. MPA network analysis with respect to the remaining three principles will be produced in a second volume during the course of 2018. 

Prepared by:

ETC/ICM members: Sabrina Agnesi, Aldo Annunziatellis, Giulia Mo, Leonardo Tunesi (ISPRA), Pete Chaniotis (JNCC), Samuli Korpinen (SYKE), Lidija Globevnik, Luka Snoj ( TC Vode)

EEA member: Johnny Reker

editor: Anita Künitzer (UFZ)

Published by: ETC/ICM, December 2017, 41 pp.