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ETC HE Report 2022/24: City-level mapping of air quality at fine spatial resolution – the Prague case study. NO2, PM10 and PM2.5 maps on a 100 m spatial grid.

This paper examines the creation of fine resolution maps at 100 m x 100 m resolution using statistical downscaling for the area of Prague, as a case study. This Czech city was selected due to the fine resolution proxy data available for this city. The reference downscaling methodology used is the linear regression and the interpolation of its residuals by the area-to-point kriging. Next to this, several other methods of statistical downscaling have been also executed. The results of different downscaling methods have been compared mutually and against the data from the monitoring stations of Prague, separately for urban background and traffic areas.

ETC/ICM Report 7/2022: Satellite-based monitoring of cyanobacteria in bathing waters

This scoping study evaluates the potential of satellite remote sensing for monitoring cyanobacterial abundances from space, which may facilitate an improved, cost-effective bathing site monitoring with respect to the detection of cyanobacterial blooms. These techniques may also help in their timely forecasting and in assessments of risks as directed by BWD.

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