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ETC HE Report 2022/12: European air quality maps for 2020. PM10, PM2.5, Ozone, NO2, NOx and Benzo(a)pyrene spatial estimates and their uncertainties.

This report presents European air quality maps for 2020 (including for the first time, BaP maps), as well as the relevant exposure estimates for health related and vegetation related indicators. It also summarizes exposure estimates in the period 2005-2020. The report provides and documents background materials (maps, exposure estimates) for the European Environment Agency’s Air Quality in Europe 2022 online report.

ETC HE Report 2022/7: Recommendations for an update of the Implementing Provisions for Reporting (IPR) in connection with the revision of the Ambient Air Quality Directives

This report aims to support the on-going revision of the Ambient Air Quality Directives by providing a series of recommendations on the reciprocal exchange of information and reporting of ambient air quality (e-reporting) following the Commission Implementing Decision (2011/850/EU). It builds on the experience and understanding from the EEA and technical experts at its European Topic Centre for Human Health and the Environment (ETC HE) working with implementing provisions for reporting (IPR) and identifies areas for further efficiency gains in e-reporting, in particular concerning the H-K dataflows.

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