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Systemic Properties of Key Production and Consumption Areas - Case studies from the core systems: Food, Energy, Mobility and Housing

This report aims to identify and communicate some essential systemic properties pertinent to 'systemic change' and the journey towards sustainability. It examines various potential systemic properties across production-consumption systems, including energy, food, mobility, and housing, aligning with EEA thematic domains and corresponding policies. For each thematic domain, selected cases are analysed, utilising causal loop diagrams (CLDs) to visualise and assess systemic properties.

Realizing the EEA Imaginaries: Pathways to a Resilient Food Sector in Europe 2050 through System Dynamics Modelling

This report, prepared by the European Topic Centre on Sustainability transitions (ETC ST), explores pathways towards realizing the European Environment Agency's (EEA) imaginaries for a resilient food sector in Europe by 2050. The overall goal of the project was to assess the extent to which policy targets related to Farm-2-Fork (F2F) and mobility can be reached using explorative dynamic modelling approaches. Synergies and conflicts between policy targets were analysed. Policies to develop transition pathways towards reaching the four different imaginaries for a sustainable future in Europe in 2050 were developed.

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