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ETC-CA Technical Paper 3/23 Economic enabling conditions for scaling of Nature Based Solutions

The present paper analyses scaling aspects for Nature Based solutions (NBS) focusing on the economic and social characteristics of their implementation. This study discusses the socio-economic conditions which can enable or prevent upscaling and particularly focuses on the characterization and distribution of benefits generated by NBS. The objective of this paper is to exemplify this analysis on six selected case studies selected from those previously analised, assessing how socio-economic conditions impact the potential for large-scale implementation of NBS.

ETC HE Report 2023/17: Noise assessment: Methodology and scripts for the analysis of quiet areas in urban centres Sub-task 1

Green urban spaces and quiet areas play an important role for quality of life in cities. Access to green spaces and extent of quiet areas in European cities have been evaluated separately since 2018. This report combines the two indicators. It describes and applies a methodology to assess the accessibility of the population to quiet green spaces in urban agglomerations. The assessment incorporates road and air traffic noise contour maps, focusing on the Lden indicator, and utilizes data from Urban Atlas 2018.

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