All ETC reports

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12 Oct 2021 ETC/BD Technical report 2/2021: Invasive alien plant species, habitat types important for pollinators, and the possible risks in the European Union
11 Oct 2021 ETC/ATNI Report 11/2020: European air quality interim mapping under ETC/ATNI. Evaluation of AQ mapping using UTD measurement and CAMS forecast modelling data: an approach for more timely European AQ annual maps?
06 Oct 2021 ETC/ULS Report 10/2021 Carbon pools and sequestration potential of wetlands in the European Union
01 Oct 2021 Co-creation process on circular economy monitoring
24 Sep 2021 ETC/ULS Report 2021 Soil monitoring in Europe. Indicators and thresholds for soil quality assessments
31 Aug 2021 Modelling the sustainability transition in between the EGD and the Next Generation EU
31 Aug 2021 ETC/ATNI Report 7/2021: Status report of air quality in Europe for year 2019, using validated data
31 Aug 2021 ETC/ATNI Report 8/2021: Status report of air quality in Europe for year 2020, using validated and up-to-date data
18 Aug 2021 ETC/ATNI Report 04/2020: Costs of air pollution from European industrial facilities 2008–2017.
23 Jul 2021 ETC/ATNI Report 06/2021: Noise indicators under the Environmental Noise Directive 2021. Methodology for estimating missing data.
15 Jul 2021 ETC/CME Report 1/2021: Fuel quality monitoring in the EU in 2019.
13 Jul 2021 Unlocking the potential of Industry 4.0 to reduce the environmental impact of production
28 Jun 2021 ETC/BD Technical paper 1/2021: Revision of the EUNIS inland water habitat group - Outcome of the expert workshop 16th March 2021
22 Jun 2021 Impact of COVID-19 on single-use plastics and the environment in Europe
28 May 2021 ETC/ATNI Report 08/2020: Understanding Air Quality Trends in Europe. Focus on the relative contribution of changes in emission of activity sectors, natural fraction and meteorological variability.
20 May 2021 ETC/ATNI Report 07/2020: Noise Action Plans. Impact of END on managing exposure to noise in Europe. Update of Noise Action Plans 2019.
06 May 2021 Greenhouse gas emissions and natural capital implications of plastics (including biobased plastics)
16 Apr 2021 ETC/ATNI Report 2/2020: Public awareness and efforts to improve air quality in Europe
11 Apr 2021 Methodology for the Early warning assessment related to certain waste targets
16 Mar 2021 ETC/ATNI Report 6/2020: Development of Renewable Energy and its Impact on Air Quality. Co-benefits and Trade-Offs.