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16 Apr 2021 ETC/ATNI Report 2/2020: Public awareness and efforts to improve air quality in Europe
11 Apr 2021 Methodology for the Early warning assessment related to certain waste targets
16 Mar 2021 ETC/ATNI Report 6/2020: Development of Renewable Energy and its Impact on Air Quality. Co-benefits and Trade-Offs.
11 Mar 2021 ETC/ATNI Report 2/2019: Mapping of existing E-PRTR and LCP datasets into the EU Registry and E-PRTR/LCP databases. Draft methodology for consultation.
10 Mar 2021 ETC/ATNI Report 04/2020: Costs of air pollution from European industrial facilities 2008–2017.
09 Mar 2021 ETC/ATNI Report 18/2019: Development of a refined methodology for the EEA externalities assessment.
02 Mar 2021 ETC/ATNI Report 5/2020: Transport Non-exhaust PM-emissions. An overview of emission estimates, relevance, trends and policies.
24 Feb 2021 ETC/ATNI Report 10/2020: European air quality maps for 2018. PM10, PM2.5, Ozone, NO2 and NOx Spatial estimates and their uncertainties.
15 Feb 2021 ETC/ATNI Report 17/2019: Potential use of CAMS modelling results in air quality mapping under ETC/ATNI
03 Feb 2021 Digital waste management
28 Jan 2021 Plastic in textiles: potentials for circularity and reduced environmental and climate impacts
28 Jan 2021 Business Models in a Circular Economy
26 Jan 2021 ETC/CME Report 8/2020: Trends and projections under the Effort Sharing Legislation. Overview on developments and drivers.
20 Jan 2021 ETC/ATNI Report 16/2019: Air Quality Trends in Europe: 2000-2017. Assessment for surface SO2, NO2, Ozone, PM10 and PM2.5.
19 Jan 2021 ETC/ICM Report 5/2020: Preliminary assessment of river floodplain condition in Europe
18 Dec 2020 ETC/CME Report 6/2020: Cross-border regional cooperation for deployment of renewable energy sources
18 Dec 2020 ETC/CME Report 7/2020: Renewable energy in Europe 2020 - Recent growth and knock-on effects
17 Dec 2020 ETC/ICM Report 4/2020: Comparison of ecological status between countries and river basin management plans (RBMP) cycles
16 Dec 2020 ETC/CME Report 5/2020: A life cycle perspective on the benefits of renewable electricity generation – Methodology and assumptions
16 Dec 2020 ETC/CME Report 4/2020: A life cycle perspective on the benefits of renewable electricity generation