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2019-02-19: Time span of the Eionet passwords
Please, update your Eionet password within the coming weeks, if you have not updated it in the past two years.
2019-01-24: Reportnet 3.0 Newsletter
Your quarterly update on the development of our modern platform
2018-12-17: CDDA data collection 2019
EIONET Priority Data Flows 2019 - Nationally designated areas for the Common Database on Designated Areas (CDDA)
2018-12-14: Scoping Study delivered for the Reportnet 3.0 project
The European Environment Agency (EEA) has successfully delivered the scoping study for the Reportnet 3.0 project
2018-12-04: Holiday closing announcement from 22 Dec. 2018 to 02 Jan. 2019
Holiday closing announcement from Eionet Helpdesk
2018-12-03: Modernising e-reporting: Reportnet 3.0 Project
The EEA is working to develop Reportnet 3.0
2018-12-03: IT business continuity test on Saturday 8 December
EEA will be conducting a shutdown test of the servers in the computer room on Saturday 8 December.
2018-11-16: Revision of the Eionet Portal in autumn 2018 - Part II
The Eionet portal is undergoing revision
2018-11-06: Security announcement
Security improvements in Reportnet applications
2018-10-02: WISE SoE data request 2018
EIONET Priority Data Flows 2018 - WISE SoE (WISE-1, WISE-3, WISE-4, WISE-5)
2018-09-14: Update from the Reportnet 3.0 Project
The EEA is working to develop Reportnet 3.0
2018-08-23: Revision of the Eionet Portal in autumn 2018
The Eionet portal is undergoing revision
2018-02-01: CDDA data collection 2018
EIONET Priority Data Flows 2018 - Nationally designated areas for the Common Database on Designated Areas (CDDA)
2016-12-21: CDDA data collection 2017
EIONET Priority Data Flows 2017 - Nationally designated areas for the Common Database on Designated Areas (CDDA)
2015-12-15: CDDA data collection 2016
EIONET Priority Data Flows 2016 - Nationally designated areas for the Common Database on Designated Areas (CDDA)
2014-12-08: CDDA data collection 2015
EIONET Priority Data Flows 2015 - Nationally designated areas for the Common Database on Designated Areas (CDDA)
2013-12-16: CDDA data collection 2014
EIONET Priority Data Flows 2014 - Nationally designated areas for the Common Database on Designated Areas (CDDA)
2013-01-22: CDDA data collection 2013 - additional information
2012-12-14: CDDA data collection 2013
EIONET Priority Data Flows 2013 - Nationally designated areas for the Common Database on Designated Areas (CDDA)
2012-01-31: CDDA data collection 2012 - additional information
EIONET Priority Data Flows 2012 - Nationally designated areas for the Common Database on Designated Areas (CDDA)
2011-12-16: CDDA data collection 2012
EIONET Priority Data Flows 2012 - Nationally designated areas for the Common Database on Designated Areas (CDDA)
2010-12-09: CDDA data collection 2011
EIONET Priority Data Flows 2011 - Nationally designated areas for the Common Database on Designated Areas (CDDA)
2009-01-20: New video about Eionet available
EEA has produced a small video clip; "Connecting countries"
2008-11-07: Workshop: Soil Framework Directive
Paris, France - Wednesday, 19 November 2008
2008-05-13: Call for Expressions of Interest 2008 for experts
to be appointed members of the Scientific Committee of the European Environment Agency (EEA)
2008-04-03: JRC call for tender: data exchange and reporting under the Cafe Directive using Inspire services
JRC issues call for tender for development and demonstration of technical IT solutions for data exchange and reporting under the Cafe Directive using Inspire services
2008-02-15: Workshop on improving the quality of reporting on air quality
Technical workshop to support countries in improving the quality of reporting through the questionnaire on air quality assessment and management (2004/461/EC). 11-12 June 2008, Copenhagen
2008-01-03: User Workshop on GMES Atmospheric Services
EEA, Copenhagen, 12-13 June 2008
2007-10-09: Reportnet within SEIS Workshop
EEA/Eionet workshop today and tomorrow
2007-08-30: COMMON FORUM meeting in Stockholm on 10-12 September
Announcement: Next meeting of the COMMON FORUM network on contaminated land in the EU and call for national representatives from the following countries: Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia
2007-07-22: CFT: Inspire monitoring facilities
Call for tender for development and prototyping of Inspire technical specifications for air, water, waste and biodiversity environmental monitoring facilities
2007-07-17: CFT: IT solutions linking INSPIRE to CAFE
Prior information notice: Development and demonstration of technical IT solutions linking INSPIRE services to the reporting and data exchange requirements of the proposed CAFE directive
2007-02-17: CIRCA is dead - Long live CIRCABC!
After 12 years, CIRCA, the widely used group collaboration software became a victim of its own success.
2006-10-02: Joint workshop: Eionet-Water and SOE Drafting Group on future water reporting
Copenhagen, 13-14 November 2006.
2006-09-06: New-look EEA website improves accessibility
Today the European Environment Agency unveils a new-look website offering users better functionality and improved accessibility.
2006-08-11: Training course: Introduction to GIS
This Absolute Beginner's course will teach you the essentials of Geographical Information Systems
2006-08-01: Eionet-Water Data Request 2006
The sixth formal Eionet-Water data collection will run from now until Tuesday, 31 October 2006.
2006-06-28: EnviroInfo conference
6-8 September 2006 in Graz, Austria
2006-06-27: CfT: provision of IT consultancy services
EEA has issued a new call for tender for all our software development needs.
2006-05-11: CIRCA DNS update instructions
Guidelines on how to reconfigure your CIRCA server after the domain name change on 9 May 2006.
2006-04-19: becomes
On 9 May 2006, the current Eionet domain name - - will change to -
2006-04-04: Memorandum of cooperation between EEA and Ramsar
Delivery of Ramsar site boundaries with Reportnet tools
2006-02-10: Introducing notifications
You can now subscribe to notifications of Eionet events at UNS (the Unified Notification Service).
2005-11-09: Training course on webapplication security in December
When your organisation deploys an interactive website, there is a risk of abuse; defacing, phishing, zombie-ing etc. This training course will show you what to look for and how to avoid it.
2005-09-13: Eionet-Water data validation 2005
Validation questions are now available for all countries.
2005-08-12: Eionet-Water Data Request 2005
The fifth formal Eionet-Water data collection will run from now until Friday 28 October 2005.
2005-07-08: eEIONET work conference 2005
The invitations are out and registration was open until August 23rd for this years eEIONET work conference hold in Brno, Czech Republic, September 8th and 9th.
2005-07-07: EIONET Review 2005: New roles in place
The new PCP and NRC roles became operational on 7 July 2005, 16:00H.
2005-06-22: EIONET Review of CSI assessments (2)
Second letter to National Focal Points.
2005-06-14: EIONET Review of CSI assessments
The deadline for commenting is 22 July 2005.
2005-05-19: Reporting cooperation with UNECE
UNECE has now enhanced it's reporting system with links to Reportnet
2005-04-13: Reportnet Tool Training for NFP/EIONET Group
A training session will be held on 10 May 2005 (afternoon).
2005-04-01: ROD brochure relased
A new brochure on purpose and usage of the Reporting Obligations Database (ROD) is available.
2005-03-30: CDR to be upgraded to version 2
During the week after Easter EEA will upgrade CDR. Expect some hours of downtime.
2005-03-07: CDDA data collection 2005
The data collection has started. Deadline for data deliveries is: 15 May 2005
2005-02-08: Call for paper "Enviroinfo 2005 in Brno"
From September 5th to 7th, Brno in the Czech Republic will host the Conference.
2005-01-18: Eionet connects
The new brochure on EIONET is available now.
2005-01-10: Bjarne Norup
It was with deep sadness that we learned of the death of Bjarne Norup early last week after a short illness.
2004-12-19: Good Yule
Up here in the North... an open christmas card
2004-10-26: Training course: 6-7 December
Modern HTML and EIONET websites
2004-10-06: Delivery of groundwater data through GDEM
Instructions on how to use our new GDEM (Generic Data Exchange Module) system for delivering data on groundwater body characterisation are available now.
2004-09-03: Data dictionary newsletter - August 2004
DD version 2.3 - Data dictionary used for 2004 Eurowaternet data collection - New datasets - What is next - Change of DD project team
2004-08-27: Eurowaternet Data Request 2004
The fourth formal Eurowaternet data collection will run from now until Friday 26 November 2004.
2004-08-10: eEIONET work conference 2004
The conference for the general data and IT related topics in EIONET is this year scheduled to take place in Archamps FR and Geneva CH from October 20th to 22nd.
2004-08-05: New software standards for EIONET
These specifications govern the choices of development tools that contractors can make.
2004-07-29: Data dictionary newsletter July 2004
The preparation of the Eurowaternet data collection is in the focus of this issue.
2004-07-27: Priority Data Flows 2004: Exchange of Information
More information on this year's data collection is available now.
2004-07-02: Eurowaternet 2004: Validation of Waterbase data
As a first step in the annual Eurowaternet update for this year: validation of data delivered earlier.
2004-06-16: New open tender for Reportnet IT developments launched
DG Environment has now launched this open call for tender through the TED website.
2004-05-18: EIONET Priority Data Flows 2004: Monthly and Summer Ozone Exceedances
Information on the 2004 data collection is available now.
2004-05-04: Advanced Zope training 24-25 May
EEA hereby announces the Advanced Zope Training Course to take place on 24-25 May 2004 at EEA's premises in Copenhagen
2004-05-04: Reportek 1.3 is released
The software running CDR is released in its version 1.3
2004-04-16: IRENA project web site
to communicate agri-environmental indicators
2004-03-19: Water and fisheries 2003 indicator fact sheets review
The 2003 series of indicator fact sheets on water and fisheries have been posted for review. Deadlines for comments: 23 April 2004.
2004-03-17: Update on CDDA data collection 2004
New download files for country validation have been prepared. Deadline for data deliveries is still: 15 May 2004
2004-03-12: EIONET scheduled downtime
Due to IP-number change all services at EEA will be down 17-18 on 12 March
2004-03-03: eEIONET work conference jointly with Enviroinfo 2004
Early information: Call for papers deadline
2003-11-17: Denmark joins data providers to Ozone Web
At the recent 8th Eionet Workshop on Air Quality Assessment and Management, Ozone Web was launched to stakeholders in a bid to attract an increased number of data providers to provide data for the site. Since then Denmark has joined, supplying data from two stations (Ulborg and Lille Valby). Ireland is in the process of testing data submissions.
2003-10-31: EUROWATERNET 2003: Transitional, Coastal and Marine Waters
Detailed guidelines and instructions for the annual data collection are available now.
2003-09-30: Absolute beginner Zope training course
Available for EIONET participants from 27 Oct. 10:30 to 28 Oct. 15:00. This means only one night in Copenhagen.
2003-09-21: CIRCA reindex on Sunday, 21 September
Performance will decrease as a side effect of this maintenance work.
2003-09-12: EUROWATERNET 2003: Rivers, Lakes, Groundwater and Water Quantity
Detailed guidelines and instructions for the annual data collection are available now.
2003-08-25: CIRCA at EEA successfully upgraded
EIONET's groupware tool CIRCA has been successfully upgraded to version 3.2.7 over last weekend.
2003-08-13: eEIONET work conference 2003
It is time again for the yearly e-EIONET work conference, which is the meeting of EEA's network and other interested parties to discuss the issues around building the proper infrastructure for the electronic exchange of environmental data and information.
2003-08-12: CIRCA to be upgraded 12-14 August
After several weeks of dryruns, CIRCA will these days be upgraded to version 3 and migrated to Linux. EXPECT DOWNTIME.
2003-08-11: eEIONET work conference 2003
INVITATION - The eEIONET work-conference invitation is now out! It is going to take palce in Sofia on September 18th and 19th. Please take a look at the agenda and register yourself.
2003-07-18: EIONET data collection on soil
Data requests have been issued in 3 different areas.
2003-06-20: USEPA - EEA cooperation on Ecoinformatics
The cooperation on ecoinformatics has been established to exchange information and carry out common projects in the area of environmental information
2003-06-11: UNECE / EEA workshop on Environmental Networking and Information Systems
On June 2nd and 3rd, the third workshop of this kind was held in Obninsk (south of Moscow) in the Russian Federation
2003-05-27: Reportnet folder is available now
Electronic infrastructure and tools for streamlining flows of environmental information in Europe.
2003-04-23: Report on Europe's Biodiversity: The Boreal biogeographical region
Draft chapter for commenting before 1 June 2003.
2003-04-22: DublinCore conference on metadata
Invitation for interested parties
2003-04-16: 2nd consultation on the core set of indicators
New website launched to support the second round.
2003-04-11: EIONET News #9
is available now!
2003-04-04: Reminder on INSPIRE consultation
The INSPIRE Internet consultation is now open.
2003-03-28: Review of draft Topic Report: Hazardous substances
The deadline for commenting is 30 April 2003.
2003-03-13: Soil Thematic Strategy
Call for participation in the Advisory Forum and the Working Groups of the EU Soil Strategy: deadline 7 April 2003
2003-02-06: EIONET Priority Data Flows: CDDA 2003
The 2003 CDDA update request from EEA to EIONET
2003-01-31: CIRCA is back to normal
You might already have noticed it. CIRCA works again.
2003-01-23: Soil Thematic Strategy Meeting
Stakeholders Information and Consultation Meeting on EU Soil Policy 10 February 2003. Registration closes 3 February.
2002-11-29: OpenForum 2003 on Metadata Registries
takes place in January 2003 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA with EEA participation
2002-11-25: CIRCA downtime
EEA's CIRCA is scheduled to go down on Wednesday, 27 November 2002 at 17:00H for maintenance.
2002-11-08: EUROWATERNET Data Collection 2002
Detailed plans and instructions for the annual update of Transitional, Coastal and Marine Waters data are available now.
2002-10-25: Introduction to ROD+CDR+CR
The three Reportnet services ROD, CDR and CR have become integrated. Read here why and how
2002-10-15: Absolute beginner Zope training course
Available for EIONET members from 19 Nov. 10:30 to 20 Nov. 15:00. This means only one night in Copenhagen.
2002-10-14: EUROWATERNET Data Collection 2002
Detailed plans and instructions for the annual update of Rivers, Lakes and Groundwater data are available now.
2002-10-04: eEnvironment infrastructure session in IST 2002
The EU Commission offers a networking opportunity for FP6 proposal during the IST2002 event.
2002-10-02: ROD2 renamed to ROD
After the data cleanup in September we can finally rename ROD2 to ROD. Please update your bookmarks.
2002-08-14: CIRCA or CDR?
All countries have made their decision!
2002-07-10: Material from the eEIONET Work Conference
Please find here the material for the eEIONET workconference from September 26th to 28th in Vienna
2002-07-10: Real time content monitoring
on all EIONET CIRCA sites is now available!
2002-07-06: EIONET Review: Transport and environment fact sheets
The closing date for comments is 27 July 2002.
2002-07-05: Vacancy for EEA Executive Director
Closing date for applications is 26 July 2002.
2002-07-05: EIONET review of soil contamination factsheets
The deadline for comments is 26 July 2002.
2002-06-28: Vacancy for manager of ETC Terrestrial Environment
UAB is searching for candidates in order to fill in the ETC/TE manager position. The working place will be Barcelona within the premises of UAB. The assignment requires full time work and is foreseen for one year, renewable. Apply before 19 July.
2002-06-26: ReportNET: Data repository choice
Voting is underway. Intermediate results are already available.
2002-06-24: Vacancies at EEA
The European Environment Agency is seeking staff for contracts of short duration for posts as auxiliary agents.
2002-06-22: Scenarios and Outlooks available now
All material related to the EEA report Environment in the European Union at the turn of the century (EEA, 1999) has been made available.
2002-06-21: A_clickable_map_to_Reportnet_components
showing functional areas and providing links with status information.
2002-06-19: Review of draft report: Eurowaternet-Emissions
The deadline for comments to the draft technical report is: 10 July 2002.
2002-06-11: EIONET Priority Data 2002: Ozone reporting
Request for ozone data has been sent out to EIONET.
2002-05-30: Guidelines on the usage of discovery metadata in EEA and EIONET
First guidelines are published for reference and commenting.
2002-05-30: Redesign of EEA web site
EIONET Portal to follow.
2002-05-28: Interim director at EEA
Gordon McInnes will become acting Executive Director of the Agency on 1 June.
2002-05-28: Agreement on soil protection
The EU Environment Ministers have agreed in to develop a Community system of soil monitoring.
2002-04-23: GEMET communication through EIONET portal
The increasing exchange around the EEA's GEneral Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus GEMET is now facilitated through the EIONET portal side.
2002-04-18: Commission publishes Communication on Soil Protection
2002-04-09: Reportnet
New discussion paper on development of common tools for a shared environmental information infrastructure.
2002-04-09: Broken CIRCA hyperlinks
in email can be cured! Here is how.
2002-04-02: Croatia to be included in the eEIONET network
as a new country collaborating with the EEA.
2002-03-22: Training in April
Classes on CIRCA basics and an advanced course for Interest Group Leaders at EEA 11-12 April.
2002-03-18: National Portals
software package version 1.1 released.
2002-03-12: Happy Easter
for all EIONET users, roles, and organisations!
2002-03-08: Appointment of new EEA Director postponed
in EEA Management Board meeting today.
2002-02-13: EIONET Training Programme
The class schedule for 2002 has been completed and registration is open.
2002-02-07: Environmental Informatics 02
Major conference in Vienna. Deadline of call for papers 28 February.
2002-01-21: Vacancies for EEA Programme/Project Managers
Closing day has been extended to 11 February 2002.
2002-01-18: Yes, Virginia, ...
there is a built-in email address for every CIRCA Interest Group.
2001-12-01: EnviroExperts: your contribution for a better environment
The European Environment Agency has just launched a new Q&A web service called EnviroExperts.
2001-10-26: Public consultation on soil paper
Environment DG invites all interested parties and stakeholders to comment on the soil paper.
2001-10-25: EUROWATERNET Data Collection 2001
Detailed plans and instructions for the annual data update are available now
2001-10-16: EIONET Awards
have been presented to Bjarne Norup and Tom Klingl.
2001-09-23: CDS and e-EIONET Work Conference 2001
Call for papers and participation.
2001-08-30: EEA reorganises
New strategy focuses on customers, networking, and reporting system development.
2001-08-25: Vacancy for EEA Executive Director
Closes on 14 September 2001.
2001-08-03: New version of Air Quality DEM
has been released by the ETC for Air and Climate Change.
2001-05-07: ReportNet
Denmark opens one stop shop of all data delivered to international environmental reporting.
2001-04-19: Schuman day
9 May we celebrate the birthday of the European Union and the EEA is closed.
2001-04-17: Yihaw site wins at Net2001
Building on EIONET PTK, Le S.I.T. du Bas-Rhin wins first price for public web site.
2001-04-01: Happy Easter!
Greetings from the Copenhagen spring.
2001-03-31: Open calls for tender
Now there are opportunities for IT consultancy and information management.
2001-03-26: CIRCLE training course 27 April
Don't forget that EEA offers training in basic and advanced CIRCLE use on the 27th of April. Register online.
2001-03-07: Phare IT training
Report from event in Bucharest 21-24 February 2001.
2001-02-21: Vacancies
The EEA has now several job openings, also in IT.
2001-02-12: UN creates environmental portal
The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) has launched a network portal intended to transform access to information about green issues.
2001-02-09: GBIF opened
The Global Biodiversity Information Facility has now opened its Memorandum of Understanding for signature by countries.
2001-01-25: EIONET News #7
available now!
2001-01-25: New ETCs
Four new European Topic Centres have been designated by the EEA Management Board.
2001-01-19: Sustainability in Information Society
Call for papers deadline 31/1 for this meeting in Zürich.
2001-01-18: IDA vital to eEurope
Environment, portals, open source highlighted in Liikanen's message.
2001-01-16: CIRCA 2.4 installed
Major improvements in speed and stability.
2000-12-17: Happy holidays
After a hectic 2000, the e-EIONET team guarantees you an even faster year 2001.
2000-12-10: EEA CIRCA upgraded
It took a while, but the upgrade of CIRCLE to CIRCA version 2.2.1 was successful. Speed fixes are on their way.
2000-11-29: CIRCA 2.2 released
A new version of EIONET's groupware is now available.
2000-11-17: EIONET News #8
Available on line.
2000-11-10: CIRCA 2.2 upgrade today
EEA's CIRCA is scheduled to go down today at 16:00 for upgrade to the new version 2.2.1.
2000-11-04: Topdomain .eu endorsed
ICANN yesterday accepted a new "country" domain for the European Union. EEA and EIONET will follow the suite.
2000-10-28: Attend Eionet training
Registration to the autumn classes of the Eionet training programme is now open. Classes this week include the new CIRCA 2.2!
2000-10-14: ITTAG 2000 proceedings now available
The annual meeting of EIONET's Information Technology and Telematics Advisory Group was held on 20-23 September in Athens.
2000-07-27: Biodiversity Clearing House
of the European Community is now online.
2000-07-21: Get the EIONET News Channel
Portals such as integrate headlines from other sites to build personalised webpages. EIONET now backs this initiative.
2000-06-13: CIRCLE back online
CIRCLE at EEA was down Friday because of disk crash. We have now restored and everything should be working again.
2000-06-10: e-Administration
an EU symposium is organised in Luxembourg 30 June.
2000-06-09: e-EIONET GIP
The Global Implementation Plan for the next 4 years was approved by the sectoral committee on 24 May.
2000-05-18: IDA TAC approved
on 10 May the preparatory reports of EIONET and EC-CHM.
2000-05-06: Strategic Plan
of application development in EIONET 2000-2003 was approved by the sectoral committee in February 2000.
2000-05-04: Flemish CIRCA
A new CIRCA test project has been launched in Flanders.
2000-05-03: EIONET goes Open Source
EIONET releases its own products as Open Source as much as possible! Check out the Software section on this site.
2000-04-08: Expansion of the EIONET network in Phare Countries
The most recent version of CIRCA will be installed, in order to facilitate co-operation and exchange of information among the various Countries and EEA.
1999-10-06: Expansion of the EIONET network in Phare Countries
The European Commission has in 1999-2000 entrusted Finsiel with two distinct contracts to be responsible for broadening the EIONET network in East-Central Europe
1999-01-20: EIONET Supports the Convention on Biological Diversity in Creating a Community
The work will be coordinated by the European Environment Agency on behalf of the European Commission DGXI (Environment).