Reportnet 3.0: Software development begins

By Deniz Aydemir

In May 2019, the software development for the Reportnet 3.0 platform has been initiated as scheduled. In the first months of 2019, the technical architecture was designed and the user stories were outlined in accordance with the DG Environment 10 step guidance (Vademecum for Streamlining Environmental Reporting) to describe how each Reportnet 3.0 user (data provider/reporter, data custodian, helpdesk) interacts with the system. These activities defined the features and functionalities of the system that needs to be developed.

The progress regarding the development will be presented in the demo, beta and first candidate releases scheduled for June, September and December 2019 respectively. The demo version of Reportnet 3.0 will include simple features of the system, whereas the beta version will demonstrate the implementation of two selected pilot data flows and highlight the benefit of Reportnet 3.0 over the existing system:  higher performance and stability; decreased burden in data delivery; timelier and, higher quality data and reduced manual intervention for reporters.

In the meantime, Reporting Obligations Database (ROD) will be upgraded with associated Reportnet 3.0 features (View Obligation Details, Search and Find Obligations, View lists of Obligations) and a new version of United Notification System (UNS) will be developed until the end of October.

The project to deliver the full Reportnet 3.0 system is expected to run until the end of 2020.