ETC DI products

ETC DI reports are usually not (with some exceptions) subject to a review by the Eionet countries and do not formally represent the view of the European Environment Agency, the list below includes relevant previous reports from DI predecessor. Additionally, ETC DI contributes substantially to other products such as EEA reports.
Publication date Title Download Authors
07 Sep 2023 ETC DI Report 2023/2: Quantification of landscape features in agricultural areas using Copernicus products: An overview of recent developments Stefan Kleeschulte (s4e) Karl Ruf (s4e) Ana Isabel Marin (UMA) Christoph Schröder (UMA) Gergely Maucha (Lechner) Barbara Kosztra (Lechner) Gerard Hazeu (WENR) Berien Elbersen (WENR) Elisabeth Schwaiger (UBA) Michael Weiss (UBA) Andrea Hagyo (EEA)
30 Mar 2022 ETC DI Report 2022/01 Impacts of nutrients and heavy metals in European agriculture: Current and critical inputs in relation to air, soil and water quality Wim de Vries Paul Römkens Hans Kros Jan Cees Voogd Lena Schulte-Uebbing
14 Dec 2021 ETC/ULS Technical Report 01/2021 Time series inconsistency in the Copernicus HRL Imperviousness. Analysis of the 2015-2018 changes, implications and conclusions Mirko Gregor Manuel Löhnertz Roger Milego Jaume Fons Gergely Maucha Emanuele Mancosu Andreas Littkopf Eva Ivits
06 Oct 2021 ETC/ULS Report 10/2021 Carbon pools and sequestration potential of wetlands in the European Union Dania Abdul Malak Ana I. Marín Marco Trombetti Sonsoles San Román
24 Sep 2021 ETC/ULS Report 2021 Soil monitoring in Europe. Indicators and thresholds for soil quality assessments Rainer Baritz Wulf Amelung Veronique Antoni John Boardman Rainer Horn Gundula Prokop Jörg Römbke Paul Romkens Bastian Steinhoff-Knopp Frank Swartjes Marco Trombetti Wim de Vries
30 Sep 2020 ETC/ULS Report 02/2020 Land and ecosystem accounts for Europe. Towards geospatial environmental accounting Eva Ivits Roger Milego Emanuele Mancosu Mirko Gregor Jan Erik Petersen György Büttner Manuel Löhnertz Gergely Maucha Otto Petrik Annemarie Bastrup-Birk Jana Tafi Gerard Hazeu