Policies and Measures

MS training – Integrated national policies and measures

Slides from a training webinar for reporting on 'Integrated national policies and measures' pursuant to Article 17(2)(a), (c) and (e); Article 18(1)(a); Article 20(b); & Article 21(b) and (c) of the Governance Regulation (EU) 2018/1999. The training was organised in February 2023.

Guidance document for ex-post evaluation of climate policies in Effort Sharing sectors

This guidance provides support to European Member States to further enhance systematic ex-post evaluation of Effort Sharing related policies. It covers reporting of evaluation results as well as the learning of lessons from ex-post evaluations for the design of future policies from Member States. The guidance is one of the outcomes of the DG Climate Action project ‘Capacity Building to Facilitate Implementation of the Effort Sharing Legislation, with Focus on Ex-post Evaluation and Policy Lessons Learned'.

Case studies on good practice examples for reducing GHG emissions

Six case studies which show good practice examples for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the sectors covered under the Effort Sharing Legislation. They have been developed under DG CLIMA contract on 'Capacity building support to Member States on climate policy implementation and ex-post evaluation'.

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