ETC CE products

ETC products are usually not (with some exceptions) subject to a review by the Eionet countries and do not formally represent the view of the European Environment Agency.

Publication date Title Download Authors
04 Mar 2024 ETC CE Report 2024/4 Volumes and destruction of returned and unsold textiles in Europe's circular economy Tom Duhoux Dina Bekkevold Lingås Lars Fogh Mortensen
22 Feb 2024 ETC CE Report 2024/1 Circular economy and climate change mitigation - analysis and guidance on including Circular Economy actions in climate reporting and policy making Tom Rommens Jens Günther Susanna Paleari Sören Steger Philip Nuss Bart Lahcen Maarten Christis Tobias Nielsen William Keeling
01 Feb 2024 ETC CE Report 2024/3 Environmental Impact of Material Supply Chain Disruptions Adrien Specker Robin Gilli Emanuele di Francesco Shahrzad Manoochehri Roberto Zoboli Giovanni Marin Simone Tagliapietra Peder Jensen Beatriz Vidal Legaz
31 Jan 2024 ETC CE Report 2024/2 Drivers of EU plastic waste exports Asa Romson Alessio D'Amato Francesco Nicolli Dirk Nelen Susanna Paleari Adrien Specker Lars Fogh Mortensen Tobias Nielsen
13 Jun 2023 ETC CE Report 2023/8 Consumption and the environment in Europe’s circular economy Saskia Manshoven An Vercalsteren Maarten Christis Annelise De Jong Imke Schmidt Francesca Grossi Anna Tenhunen Lars Fogh Mortensen
12 Jun 2023 ETC/CE Report 2023/7 Circular Economy and Biodiversity Jens Günther Saskia Manshoven Susanna Paleari Gregory Fuchs Aurélien Carré Rikke Fischer-Bogason
25 Apr 2023 ETC/CE Report 2023/6 Analysis of the circular material use rate and the doubling target Maarten Christis An Vercalsteren Philip Nuss Renato Marra Campanale Sören Steger
27 Feb 2023 ETC/CE Report 2023/4 EU exports of used textiles in Europe’s circular economy Dina Lingås Saskia Manshoven Lars Fogh Mortensen Freja Paulsen
27 Feb 2023 ETC/CE Report 2023/5 The role of bio-based textile fibres in a circular and sustainable textiles system Jana Deckers Saskia Manshoven Lars Fogh Mortensen
22 Feb 2023 ETC/CE Report 2023/3 Headache fractions in mixed municipal waste Mona Arnold Margareta Wahlström Robin Gilli Dirk Nelen Shane Colgan
20 Feb 2023 ETC/CE Report 2023/1 Pathways to circular plastics in Europe: Good examples from countries, business and citizens Ive Vanderreydt Alexandra Almasi Emma Strömberg Anna Tenhunen-Lunkka Mona Arnold Lars Fogh Mortensen Tobias Nielsen Freja Paulsen
20 Feb 2023 ETC/CE Report 2023/2 The fate of EU plastic waste Alessio D'Amato Francesco Nicolli Susanna Paleari Mathias Schluep Adrien Specker Jessica Tuscano Carlo Piscitello Henning Wilts Tobias Nielsen
05 Dec 2022 ETC/CE Report 2022/7 Non-packaging plastics in Europe Malin Castell Rudenhausen Alexandra Almasi Ive Vanderreydt Shane Colgan Tobias Nielsen
29 Nov 2022 JRC Technical report Towards more sustainable management of material resources in Europe Philip Nuss Elina Pohjalainen John Bacher Shahrzad Manoochehri Simone Manfredi Peder Jensen
25 Nov 2022 ETC/CE Report 6/2022 An overview of Europe's repair sector Shahrzad Manoochehri Mathias Schluep Yoko Dams Georg Mehlhart Dina Bekkevold Lingås Giovanni Marin Mariana Nicolau Shane Colgan
28 Sep 2022 ETC/CE Report 3/2022 Electronic registries for waste across Europe Jessica Tuscano Chiara Bonomi Carlo Piscitello Fabio Tatti Shane Colgan Marianne Magnus-Melgar Arlind Xhelili
28 Sep 2022 ETC/CE Report 4/2022 Flexible plastics in Europe’s circular economy Mona Arnold Shahrzad Manoochehri Margareta Wahlström Dirk Nelen Shane Colgan
10 Feb 2022 ETC/CE Report 1/2022: Microplastic pollution from textile consumption in Europe Saskia Manshoven Anse Smeets Christian Malarciuc Anna Tenhunen Lars Fogh Mortensen
10 Feb 2022 ETC/CE Report 2/2022: Textiles and the Environment - The role of design in Europe's circular economy Tom Duhoux Kévin Le Blévennec Saskia Manshoven Francesca Grossi Mona Arnold Lars Fogh Mortensen
02 Jan 2022 Methodology for the Early warning assessment related to certain waste targets Almut Reichel Ioannis Bakas Shane Colgan