ETC CM products

ETC products are usually not (with some exceptions) subject to a review by the Eionet countries and do not formally represent the view of the European Environment Agency.

Publication date Title Download Authors
17 Jun 2022 ETC CM report 2022/01: Synergies, energy efficiency and circularity in the renovation wave. Bio-based products for the renovation wave. Giuseppe Cardellini (VITO) Joren Mijnendonckx (VITO)
03 Mar 2022 ETC/CME Report 12/2021: A Guide to Conducting an Emission Inventory Review Justine Raoult (Aether) Lotte Gleeson (Aether) Kirsten May (Aether) Henry Irvine (Aether)
28 Jan 2022 ETC/CME report 11/2021: Fuel quality monitoring in the EU in 2020 Giorgos Mellios (EMISIA S.A.) Evi Gouliarou (EMISIA S.A.)
21 Dec 2021 ETC/CME and ETC/WMGE Report 9/2021: Fluorinated polymers in a low carbon, circular and toxic-free economy Elina Yli-Rantala (VTT) David Behringer (Öko-Recherche) Dorte Herzke (NILU) Stephen Michael Mudge (NILU) Martijn Beekman (RIVM) Arianne de Blaeij (RIVM) Jeroen Devilee (RIVM) Silke Gabbert (RIVM) Michiel van Kuppevelt (RIVM) Maryam Zare Jeddi (RIVM)